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LANDFILL SIDE COMPACTOR XG6201F-I / 6231F-I / 6261F-I / 6321F

LANDFILL SIDE COMPACTOR XG6201F-I / 6231F-I / 6261F-I / 6321F

Operating Weight: 20800-32000kg

Working Efficiency: ≥25-100t/h

Compacting Density: ≥0.9-1.0t/m3

LANDFILL SIDE COMPACTOR XG6201F-I / 6231F-I / 6261F-I / 6321F

Product Features

1.”Equipped with SDEC turbocharged diesel engine (Caterpillar Technology)or Equipped with the original cummins engine imported from U.S.A,allowing work in high altitude environment.

2.Multiple international advanced technologies are used:full hydraulic steering system of SAUER-DANFOSS,central lubrication system of VOGEL.

3.The footpads of the wheels are made with manganese alloy,highly effective for compacting and tearing solid waste.

4.Equipped with the spraying device which can spray the pesticide to kill the pests and the bacteria.

5.The fully-enclosed box-shaped frame structure can effectively prevent the trash from entering into the inside of the machine.

6.The machine is equipped with an air-conditioned cab, reinforced by FOPS (falling object protection structure) and ROPS (roll over protection structure). Except steering and throttle control, which are operated by hand levers through hydraulic systems, all other operation can be fulfilled on board via electrical control system. Besides, there is a radio in the cab. All of above makes up a safe and comfortable working condition for operator.”


Operating Weightkg20800230002600032000
Front Wheel Distributing Weightkg10400115001300016000
Real Wheel Distributing Weightkg10400115001300016000
Travel SpeedF/R Ikm/h0-4/0-40-4/0-40-4/0-40-4/0-4
F/R IIkm/h0-7/0-70-7/0-70-7/0-70-11.5/0-11.5
F/R IIIkm/h0-10.5/0-70-10.5/0-70-10.5/0-7
Min. Turning Radius(Bucket Outer)mm8500850085009000
Theory Max.Gradeability%100100100100
Static Linear Load(F/R)N/cm460/577510/638722/7221269/1532
Ground Clearancemm400450450610
Max. ThrustKN200200200320
Blade Adjustment RangeHigher groundmm1000100010001200
Under groundmm350350350200
Drive TypeFluid mechanical driveHydraulic transmission
Brake TypeAir-hydraulic drive a crated,oil-disc brakesHydrostatic、Multi-disc、Mechanical
Frame StructureOscillating articulationOscillating articulation
Turning TypeLoad flow amplification hydraulic steering feedbackHydraulic
Turning Angle°±35±35±35±40
Swing Angle°±12±12±12±15
EngineModelSC11CB255G2B1 SC11CB255G2B1SC11CB255G2B1M11-C350
Rated powerkW187187187261
Rated speedrpm2200220022002100
Dimension of
Compacting Wheel
Front wheelmm1620×11301700×11301700×11301620×1350
Rear wheelmm1620×9001700×9001700×9001620×1120
Landfill Pushing Plate Size(W×H)mm3650×16503650×16503650×16503800×1930
Working Efficiencyt/h≥25≥40≥60≥100
Compacting Densityt/m3≥0.9≥0.9≥0.9≥1.0
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)mm7495×3650×36257495×3650×36257495×3650×36258090×3800×3755


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