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Operating Weight: 20.8t

Rated Power: 110kw

Bucket Capacity: 0.85m3


Product Features

1.The perfect match of Kawasaki hydraulic system and Isuzu engine makes the machine more energy saving and more fuel saving.

2.The perfect match of negative flow feedback system and electronic control ESS makes the pump provide the flow according to operation requirements, saving energy and reducing emission.

3.Strengthened working device is made from high strength steel, which is not easily deformed thus extending the service life.

4.Cabinner decoration and operation box adopts plastic molding pieces, which are solid and beautiful.



Model XG821
Basic Parameters Bucket capacity 0.85 m3
Operating weight 20.8 t
Max. drawbar pull 550/1600 Nm/rpm
Engine Brand ISUZU
Model AA-6BG1TRP-03
Piston displacement 6.494 L
Rated power 110 kW
Rated speed 2100 r/min
System Operating Pressure Implement circuits 31.4 Mpa
Power boost 34.3 Mpa
Swing circuits 27.5 Mpa
Travel circuits 34.3 Mpa
Max. rated flow of main pumps 2×195 L/min
Working Range Parameters Numbers of track board 46 per side
Carrier rollers 2 per side
Track rollers 7 per side
Boom 5680 mm
Arm 2910 mm
Max. digging radius 9875 mm
Max. digging depth 6630 mm
Max. vertical digging depth 6050 mm
Max. digging height 9600 mm
Max. dumping height 6780 mm
Performance Parameters Max. excavating force(arm/bucket) 95/133 KN
Swing speed 12.5 r/min
Travel speed(high/low) 5.1/3.5 km/h
Grading capacity 35°/70%
Max. traction 186 KN
Average ground pressure 45 Kpa
Noises at driver location 80 dB(A)
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 9500×2800×2920 mm



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