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Operating Weight: 17.4t

Rated Power: 162/160kw

Bucket Capacity: 2.2-3.6m3


Product Features

1.High Reliability 

Upgraded & enhanced front & back frames

Optimized H-series bucket

Enhanced front axle of the H-Series

Enhanced brake caliper

Fully optimized layout of pipes

Waterproof connectors

Improved painting process

2.High Efficiency and Energy Conservation

Patented dual-pump confluence and diffluence technology

Standard models provide the highest dumping height

Small turning radius

Biggest traction under combinatory operating conditions

Green, turbocharged, intercooled engine

New energies like LNG/CNG                                                                     Patented proportional differential


Complete safety signs

Neutral start protection for safer operation

Optional ROPS/FOPS cab

Flame retardant materials and EU-certified glass are used in the cab, offering higher safety

Newly added rear wiper

4.Comfortable Operation

Low-noise design for the machine

Ergonomics design of cab

Large field view in the H-series cab

Electronic oil level indicator comes as standard

Optional models with adjustable directions

5.Convenient Maintenance

Centralized lubricating grease inlet for easier adding butter

Central electrical control box for easier servicing

Wide-opening hood for easier servicing & maintenance of engine

Convertible fuel tank

Particular toolbox design

Optimized servicing marks


Standard bucket

Rock bucket

Gravel bucket

Enlarged bucket

Enlarged bucket

Enlarged bucket

Enlarged bucket

Flat sand bucket

Fixed log grapple

Pipe grapple

Sliding log grapple

Grass grapple

Snow blade

High dump bucket

High dump bucket

Side dump bucket

Manufacturer XGMA
Model XG958H
Overall length(mm) 8130
Overall height(mm) 3450
Overall width(mm) 2880
Wheel base(mm) 3200
Ground clearance(mm) 460
Tread(mm) 2240
Bucket Width (mm) 3000
Turn radius(mm) 6195
Min.Turn radius outside of bucket (mm) 7090
Max. Dumping Height(mm) 3355
Dumping Reach(mm) 1160
Digging depth(mm) 60
Engine model SC11CB220G2B1/
Rated power (kw) 162/160
Fuel comsumption per hour(g/kw.h ) 230/229
Rated speed (r/min) 2200
Max torque(N.m) 844/908
Operating Weight (Tonnes) 17.4
Rated Load(Tonnes) 5
Bucket capacity (m3) 2.2-3.6
Lifting time/Lifting, dumping and lowering(s) 6/11
Max Breakout force(KN) 170
Max. turning angle(°) ±35°
Fuel tank(L) 340
Hydraulic tank(L) 305
Working pressure of steering hydraulic system(MPa) 15
Working pressure of load hydraulic system(MPa) 18
Travel speeds(km/h) FORWARD 1ST 0~7
FORWARD 2ND 0~12.5
FORWARD 3RD 0~25.5
REVERSE 2ND 0~12.5
REVERSE 3RD 0~25.5
Gear Box ZF
Axle XG/ZF
Implement pump 175
Distibuting valve KM300-2
Steering Hydraulic system BZZ6-1000
Steering pump 175
Tyre size 23.5-25-16PR
Air Conditioning/Anti-mist when idleing
Bucket and arm raiseing (limit height) Device
Hydraulic Operation system
Electricial Monitor and alarm system
Seat Buckle
Head lamp
Reversing Alarm (Back vehicle)


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