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Operating Weight: 20.4t

Rated Power: 175kw

Bucket Capacity: 2.6-5.5m3


Product Features

1. ZF WG200 electrohydraulic control transmission features advanced technology; high reliability, and high transmission efficiency.

2. Soundproof, heat-insulated, and damping cab can bring wide driving space and good field of vision with safe glass passing the 3C certification, and the flame-resistant trim.

3. Z-type connecting rod features large breakout force and high working efficiency.

4. Several kinds of working devices and buckets are available to meet the requirements of different users, e.g. rock bucket, enlarged bucket, flat sand bucket, log grapple, grass grapple, coupling fork.

Manufacturer XGMA
Model XG962H
Overall length(mm) 8820
Overall height(mm) 3465
Overall width(mm) 2835
Wheel base(mm) 3300
Ground clearance(mm) 435
Tread(mm) 2240
Bucket Width (mm) 3145
Turn radius(mm) 6350
Min.Turn radius outside of bucket (mm) 7470
Max. Dumping Height(mm) 3340
Dumping Reach(mm) 1330
Digging depth(mm) 60
Engine model SC11CB240.1G2B1
Rated power (kw) 175
Fuel comsumption per hour(g/kw.h ) ≤225
Rated speed (r/min) 2200
Max torque(N.m) ≥1000
Operating Weight (Tonnes) 20.4
Rated Load(Tonnes) 6000
Bucket capacity (m3) 2.6-5.5
Lifting time/Lifting, dumping and lowering(s) 6.5/10.5
Max Breakout force(KN) 175
Max.drawing force (KN) 173
Max. turning angle(°) 35
Climbing ability(°) 28
Fuel tank(L) 340
Hydraulic tank(L) 305
Working pressure of steering hydraulic system(MPa) 16
Working pressure of load hydraulic system(MPa) 20
Travel speeds(km/h) FORWARD 1ST 0-6.7
FORWARD 2ND 0-11.8
FORWARD 3RD 0-23.5
FORWARD 4TH 0-37.6
REVERSE 2ND 0-10.6
REVERSE 3RD 0-23.5
Gear Box ZF
Axle XG
Distibuting valve D32
Steering Hydraulic system BZZ6-1000
Tyre size 23.5-25-20PR
Air Conditioning/Anti-mist when idleing yes
Heating yes
Radio/Cassette yes
Bucket and arm raiseing (limit height) Device yes
Hydraulic Operation system yes
Seat Buckle yes
Head lamp  yes
Reversing Alarm (Back vehicle) yes


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